• ‘I asked James to help me transform my doughy, middle-aged body into something I could be proud of. Within 6 weeks of training intensively with James and sticking to his advice on diet, the changes to my body were so evident that I was hooked.” Andy Thomas
  • ‘James quickly assessed what I needed to strengthen… by developing more muscle power in my legs James helped me to knock 20 minutes off my half marathon time and an hour off my full marathon time.’ Helen Loxton
  • ‘Working with James for over 4 years he remains focused on me achieving my goals, pushing me to levels I never thought I could achieve and also tailoring every 1:1 session in a way which ensures there is variety and stretch. James takes a keen interest in my development and manages to demonstrate a strong link between physical and mental well-being. 10/10.’ John Kerslake
  • ‘Working with James is great fun, he’s really passionate about his work and incredibly knowledgeable. Whatever your goals I thoroughly recommend James you’ll be surprised how much you can actually achieve. James constantly changes and tailors the workouts, his sessions are challenging but the results are impressive. You’ll look and feel so much better. Once you start it’s infectious…try it!’ Sam Parsons
  • ‘My training time with James has been a learning curve. I had no idea it was so scientific! Targeting certain areas [I have lost 6 inches on my stomach!] has been most successful but the main bonus has been the feeling of well being. I am over 60 and I am surprised at my new found strength.’ Suzanne Jiggins
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