Pre work out nutrition? 

At james payne fitness systems Orlando we get many questions regarding Pre or post work out nutrition which is most important? Ok so the simple answer is both!

 but if you could only choose one then pre work out should be prioritised! Let me explain why.

As we train oxygenated blood is pumped to our working muscles now think of your blood as a transportation vehicle for Nutrients that will be delivered where they are needed! So if you have some pre workout protein all the amino acids will be delivered straight into the muscles that are working therefore essential for optimal gains in lean muscle and fat loss. 

Now if your goal is optimal fat loss the same applies the pre work out protein will help preserve lean muscle and your body will burn more fat! Remember muscle is a metabolic material it needs calories just to exist where as fat uses no calories! So in summary the more lean muscle you can build or maintain the more calories you will burn at rest as your metabolic rate will be higher there for fat loss becomes a daily occurrence if your diet caters for this goal.  


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