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Cycling analysis packages

Cycling analysis packages

JPFS & Physio impulse are working together to bring you cycling analysis packages see below for details.

Cycling Enhancement Programs: Bike setup, Personal Training and Nutrition

If you want more than just a bike setup and analysis we also off specific exercise programming for each individual with an emphasis on improving cycling performance, as well as meeting any other fitness goals to train in an exclusive private facility one to one and expert nutritional input.

Package one
Bike set up and analysis (with Louisa Edmonston)
Physiotherapy follow-up session (with Louisa Edmonston)
Personal Training Induction and follow up session (with James Payne Fitness Systems (JPFS):

Package two
Bike set up and analysis
Physiotherapy follow up session
Personal Training Induction and follow up session
Initial assessment and follow-up session with a Nutritionist (with Siobhan Mitchell)

Are you an aspiring cycling athlete? Or maybe you just want enjoy it on a recreational level to improve your fitness? Either way we have a package deal that could help improve your cycling and any other fitness related goals you want to achieve. We Will provide you with a team of specialists to help optimize your sport from every angle:

Bike set up and analysis with a Chartered Physiotherapist

At Physioimpulse we aim to fit you and the bike together as one unit taking into consideration your biomechanical constraints/restrictions. This will place you in a position that will enable you to:

· Generate efficient power
· Maximising your performance
· Preventing injury and breaks from training
· Be comfortable for you and thus enhance your performance

How we do it
On the turbo in your cycling gear we ask you to pedal in the position you will be in the most frequently, or your ideal race position. We observe from all angles taking photos/videos and certain measurements using a tape measure, plumb line and an experienced “eye” to ascertain your base position. From there we go about changing things on the bike, such as saddle fore/aft position, stem length and cleat position. Along with these adjustments in many cases we will alter things with you e.g. release tight muscles, mobilise a hip joint and address a movement pattern, all in order to put you in the best position to optimise power production, efficiency and comfort that is right for you.

We assess and correct:
Shoes, pedal and cleat position
Crank length
Seat height and fore/aft position
Bar height, stem length and tri-bar length, height and angle
Weight and power distribution
Pedalling efficiency
Body movements, restrictions, muscle tightness and muscle overuse
Fixing strategies that you may have incorrectly adopted to generate power
Biomechanical restrictions/issues e.g. leg length discrepancies, pelvic asymmetry, central instability and muscle imbalances.
Liaise directly with your Personal Training and Nutritionist to ensure we have all bases covered

We would correct these using our manual techniques such as massage, mobilisation, acupuncture alongside an exercise and stretching program. This is used in combination with changing the bike to put you in the best position at this moment in time changing one thing at a time in a progressive and ordered manner.

We can also advise you of specific bike drills to improve your pedaling and power output efficiency to ensure it is all directed towards moving forwards and not being lost somewhere between the pedal and the road. This in effect will make you go faster, for longer and with less effort.

Our Bike assessments are carried out by Louisa Edmonston who alongside being an excellent physiotherapist can also boast of experience competing at elite level Triathlon competitions around the world. She has also worked alongside world leaders in Cycling/Triathlon coaching, biomechanics and strength & conditioning. This experience has allowed her to develop an assessment and treatment protocol which will give you the best opportunity to achieve your cycling goals.

Performance enhancing Personal training in private one to one fitness studio to include:

* High Threshold Performance Training (HTPT) – This system is geared towards increasing your ability to recruit high threshold muscle fibres to provide you with maximal strength and power to improve your cycling performance or any other chosen sport. The system incorporates full body muscular endurance to ensure you can perform at your optimal level for a longer period of time, exactly what you need for an endurance event.

* Lactate Threshold Training (LTT) –
This is a training system that utilises interval training methods to increase lactate threshold allowing the production of increased power at a comfortable heart rate. This in turn will increase your performance.

* Core Performance Training (CPT) – This method uses a variety of core exercises covering the body’s three main planes of motion (sagital/frontal/transverse) This method provides a complete core programme to increase core stabilisation when on your bike.

* Metabolic Fatloss System (MFS) – This training system is primarily aimed at fat loss but also gives a huge amount of other health benefits. By using full body combination exercises and high intensity conditioning work you will reach your fat loss goals in the quickest time possible. The system is done in three stages (beginner, intermediate and advanced) so caters for all levels ensuring that everyone is supported appropriately to reach their goals.

JPFS also offers a whole range of other training options from Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell Training, Physique Enhancement and much more. All clients get a consultation which is the perfect opportunities to discuss your aims and aspirations either within cycling or beyond. Ongoing training outside the packages detailed will be undertaken on arrangement with JPFS directly.


Specific nutritional input will be provided based on your requirements and will include include:

· Basic
For those wishing to have a better understanding of what and when to eat in order to benefit both health, well being and physical activity goals.
The service includes:
o Initial face-to-face consultation, assessment of body composition (restricted profile skin fold and circumference measurement to define composition) and food diary to be submitted by client.
o Detailed written analysis and feedback specific to lifestyle with evidence based research recommendations.
o Follow up consultation and guidance on long term maintenance

· Intermediate
For clients seeking nutritional and physiological guidance specific to their body type and lifestyle but with the emphasis on an agreed client specific goal attainment, relevant to cycling or any other chosen sport.
This can include anything from working towards an event/performance; improving the efficiency of the body while cycling by working to optimise body fat or lean muscle mass; working on nutrient timing and composition of the diet for training.
The service includes:

* Initial face-to-face consultation and discussion of goals (typically covering a minimum 12 week period) as appropriate to client’s goal criteria.
* Follow up session to carry out body composition assessment (restricted profile skin fold and circumference measurement) and nutritional evaluation (the client will be required to submit a food diary).
* A detailed report further to analysis of physical and nutritional assessments to provide the basis for the personal programme.
* Provisional action plan discussed and implemented.
* Monthly review and progress monitoring sessions against goals. This can either be via email or in-person subject to agreement and the need for physical assessment.
* Programme outcome appraisal meeting, including recommendations for maintenance.

Advanced (this additional further input falls outside of priced packages on arrangement with Siobham Mitchell)
For clients seeking nutritional and physiological guidance specific to their body type and lifestyle with an emphasis on performance optimisation.
This can include optimisation of body fat/lean muscle mass for your sport; preparing optimal nutritional strategies for events (pre, during and post training and events); guidance on tailoring nutrition for training days/rest days/tapering/event days: fine tuning nutritional practices to enhance performance.

* Initial face-to-face consultation, body composition assessment (restricted profile skin fold and circumference measurement) and nutritional evaluation (the client will be required to submit a food diary).
* A detailed report further to analysis of physical and nutritional assessments to provide the basis for agreed areas for optimisation.
* Provisional action plan discussed and implemented (the plan will be a minimum 12 week duration)
* Monthly review and progress monitoring sessions. This can either be via email or in-person subject to agreement and the need for physical assessment.
* Programme outcome appraisal meeting, including recommendations for maintenance.

for further information please contact: or to book your initial consultation and/or bike setup with Louisa please call 01225 683007

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Personal Training:

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Today’s training at JPFS

On the agenda today was a strength circuit of power cleans-bench press pull ups – front squats – mill press with a 5-4-3-2-1 rep scheme starting each movement at 80% of 1rm and ramping up each set
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Ok What goes down at JPFS

Dead lift single just for fun!!

Front squat

Snatch complex

Box jump

Box jumps are a simple but a very efficient way of building speed & explosive strength through increased rate of force development (ROFD) this is why when wanting to increase your strength in a squat box jumps can be very beneficial as the faster you can produce force against an external load ie the barbell it enables you to blast through those sticking points.
And due to the explosive nature of the exercise it also has a useful crossover to sprinting speed the same applies here if you can increase your ability to create force quickly then your ability to accelerate will increase.

Chest & Core Quad Combination Exercise

This combination exercise targets the chest & core muscles due to the unstable nature of the rings. The core muscles are highly active in stabilising the torso and the rings create micro oscillation (miniature contractions of the muscle) which is another great advantage of using gymnastic rings as part of your strength work!!.

If you would like to find out more on training with gymnastic rings contact us on our website

Front squat from pins

Reps from a dead start in the semi-stretched position. Starting a movement from pins (or something similar) while the target muscle group is stretched, but not excessively so (to reduce stretch-reflex participation as much as possible) forces the muscles to produce all of the strength required to overcome the inertia of the barbell; this necessitate a very important muscle contraction and is very effective at stimulating growth and strength it’s also a great way to gain strength in the weaker position in a squat that tends to be from the bottom position.

For more info contact us on our website

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