High protein Breakfast for fatloss. 

High-protein Breakfast & fat loss to skip or not to skip? In my experience, this is the meal that people often skip some just out of being in a rush for some it’s because they don’t feel hungry and for some who are wishing to change their physiques, they think that it’s good for fat loss! Now if losing body fat or gaining muscle is your goals missing breakfast is a bad idea particularly training on an empty stomach let me explain why.When you wake your in a prime fat-burning territory, your body has been in a fasted state for 6-8 hours depending on your sleep pattern! Now for optimal fat burning, we want to stay in this zone for as long as possible to do this; we need to make our breakfast high protein only as this will continue the fat-burning process if we add starchy carbs at this point this will halt the process!! (Remember this is for fat loss) Some people choose to skip breakfast altogether and train on an empty stomach again this is a bad idea as your body will not metabolize fat as its first port of call it will start metabolizing lean muscle first as that takes calories to exist fat does not! So from a survival point of view it would rather keep hold of body fat! For optimal fat burning, you need to keep hold or build as much lean muscle as possible as this will increase your metabolic rate hence burn more cals at rest not to mention by training on an empty stomach means your performance in the gym will be down as your energy will be low, which means you will under stimulate the true potential of your body. 

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