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Positive Effects of Exercise on Work Performance
positive effects of exercise aren’t limited to shaping the body – active, in-shape individuals notice an increase in energy, higher self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life. As it turns out, the positive effects of exercise on your personal life also spill over into the workplace. 
Work Output

The positive effects of exercise on work performance span far and wide. In addition to sharpening mental performance, regular physical activity improves time-management skills, which in turn improve your ability to meet deadlines. Business owners who offer company exercise programs find that on-site exercise decreases turnaround time. Exercise causes an overall work performance boost of about 15 percent, according to a 2005 study performed by health professor Jim McKenna of Leeds Metropolitan University. Harvard researchers find that post-workout blood flow creates the optimal conditions for performing tasks that require focused thinking.

Emotional Effects

Anyone who has spent a day at the office, checkout counter or processing plant knows that your mood greatly influences your work performance. Exercise is something of an elixir here; workers who exercise report positive effects including increased tolerance, lessened tempers, relieved anxiety and depression, heightened morale and a greater sense of calmness. Studies by McKenna, the University of Bristol and others quantify these findings by administering questionnaires to employees who exercise. At the end of the day, workers who exercise report that they simply feel more productive and more satisfied than those who don’t.

Other Effects

Although it might seem contradictory, exercising can actually give you more energy in the workplace, helping you avoid the post-lunch crash. It also potentially improves your ability to act as a team player, an essential element to productivity. McKenna’s findings note that well-exercised employees are less likely to lose their temper with others. In 2008, a study from the University of Bristol noted that workers who exercised took 25 percent less unscheduled breaks than those who didn’t. Similarly, the Journal of Exercise Physiology reports that employees who follow a fitness program exhibit a 22 percent decrease in absenteeism. The American Council on Exercise finds that exercise even causes a 17 percent decrease in the amount of on-the-job injuries.

Most studies conducted on the relationship between exercise and work performance find it most effective for employees to exercise on work days, either before work or while on break research conducted on the issue has spanned numerous types of workplaces – from tech companies to academic environments – and produced the same positive findings.
What JPFS corporate fitness system can offer.
James payne fitness systems has devised a training system specifically designed for corporate employees to increase there energy & strength working with advanced methods to produce optimal results which will no doubt boost over all work performance.

Increasing over all strength will lead to improved body composition fat loss and significantly reduce injury risk from daily activities (less injury less time off work)
Metabolic conditioning 

Using metabolic conditioning to increase cardiovascular ability muscular endurance it will increase heart and organ health which will help prevent diseases and injuries that occur due to lack of exercise and weight gain. 
Vascular Condition 

Using unique and specific cardiovascular  

interval training to burn through calories in the quickest way possible which reduces body fat increases metabolic rate so you continue to burn calories even when at rest. 
Mobility & flexibility 

This system works the body as a whole but pays special attention to increasing mobility in the thoracic spine hips and hamstrings. From years of experience of training office workers the most prominent problem is being seated for long periods of time with arms forward typing or using a mouse this position is very unnatural for the human body it creates unbalances throughout the body creating tight hip flexors which push the pelvis forward putting pressure on the lower back and causing back pain. The repetitive nature of leaning forward with your arms out typing causes repetitive stress that leads to a lack of mobility to the thoracic spine which in turn causes tight trapezius & rhomboid muscles that cause neck pain which then require the worker to take more breaks due to the discomfort by training in the right way using this system these issues will be eradicated.  

At JPFS we have recently started introducing meditation techniques the effect on clients has been nothing short of astonishing. The system we have designed for the corporate sector incorporates meditation. 


What kind of benefits in the workplace might regular meditation cause?

Just think about how much of our working day is wasted by lack of focus, stress and general negativity. 

●Better focus

Regular meditation helps train the mind to focus fully on whatever is happening in the present moment. Somebody who meditates regularly might find it easier to fully engage with the task in hand and to concentrate better during meetings and presentations. A person who meditates regularly will become more able to recognise when their mind starts to wander, and to bring themselves back to the present.

●Reduced stress

Workplace stress has a huge negative impact on productivity. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the office set a little time aside to engage in a practice which helped calm the mind and reduce the power of negative thoughts and emotions?

●Better teamwork

Regular meditation encourages feelings of empathy and acceptance. Meditators can become better team players.

●A greater ability to prioritise effectively

The increased ability to focus has the knock-on effect of helping to prioritize tasks that need to be done.

So what are you waiting for? Get meditating today, and see what benefits you start to experience in your working life as well as in your relationships, your sleep patterns and your general heal
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