Building the glutes?


 I get asked all the time what exercise is best to build your glutes and the answer isn’t as simple as you may think! The subject of building specific muscle groups is highly individualized what I mean by that is not everyone can use the alike exercises with the same success due to different biomechanics and different abilitys to recruit a muscle group let’s use the squat as an example now the squat is the king of exercises when it comes to building a strong solid muscular lower body and the glutes play a big role in a squat, so they will be worked hard, and you should expect a healthy return on the work you put into this exercise?  but this is not always the case! The reason being some people cannot recruit their glutes properly, and they tend to be quad dominant so the natural thing for your body to do to get back up from the bottom of a squat is to use your quads remember your body doesn’t know your trying to build your glutes it just knows there’s a heavy object on your back trying to squash you so will use whatever muscle groups are best suited to get you back up! Which if your glutes are not firing properly, your quads will do most of the work leaving your posterior  understimulated so, then the squat becomes a great quad exercise but not necessarily so great for your glutes! The same can happen the other way around with trainees being very hip and glute dominant and then there quads are left under stimulated! So to solve this issue it is important to teach your body to recruit the muscle groups you want to improve that way the big compound lift’s squats, etc. will be very effective as all the muscle groups involved in that movement pattern will be working as they are supposed to be. From experience, I find the best activation exercises for the glutes are the ones that you feel the most in that area duh right? For most trainees doing barbell reverse lunges, focusing on pressing your heals into the floor works great! Add 3-4 sets at the start of your lower-body sessions and you will start to feel your glutes firing and then make squat’s dead lifts etc. even more effective.  

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